TSK KFZ-Sachverständigen-Büro für die Bewertung von Kraftfahrzeugen und KFZ-Schäden
TSK KFZ-Sachverständigen-Büro für die Bewertung von Kraftfahrzeugen und KFZ-Schäden   

Assessor for vehicle accident damage

Welcome to TSK's home page, we create vehicle damage and value reports for all types of motor vehicles. As a victim of a liability damage, you can choose your vehicle expert by yourself, even, if there are insurances which want you to convince from the contrary! The expert's value report must in any case repay by the opponent's insurance.

As a vehicle master, automotive engineer and formerly officially qualified expert at a technical monitoring association, our expert is highly qualified to assess their concerns about the vehicle reliably and independently.


Assessor for vehicle homolgation and certification items

As a further service, after an agreed mandat, we offer an independent assessment of all vehicle certification and homologation matters for private individuals, companies and lawyers.



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