TSK KFZ-Sachverständigen-Büro für die Bewertung von Kraftfahrzeugen und KFZ-Schäden
TSK KFZ-Sachverständigen-Büro für die Bewertung von Kraftfahrzeugen und KFZ-Schäden   

Area of operations

We operate regionally and supra regional by agreement.
We are regularly present in the Horb area (FDS, CW, TÜ, BL, RW), Böblingen/Sindelfingen and southern Stuttgart.
We will also work for you on all regional and international orders.

We examine your vehicle:

  • On-site with us in our facility, bring your vehicle to us when the vehicle situation permits it. Our premises are equipped for a comprehensive evaluation.
  • In the workshop of their trust
  • At your home (assessment depending on the spatial conditions).
  • Or by arrangement wherever


Benzstr. 9
72184 Eutingen im Gäu


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Fax:+49 (0) 7459 3479710

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+49 (0) 17027 45196